Notes Part I,II & III, Spike Island. Installation view. Photo: Joe Maxwell


 I am a media artist and practice based researcher who lectures in digital media practice and theory at Bath Spa University where I am also the  Co-Director of the Media Convergence Research centre. My performative, digital and video based works have interrogated the affective qualities of digital technologies and the human desire to control and manage the natural and social world using various forms of machine. I am interested in the human relationship with machines and systems and this includes the history of computing machines and the relations between cybernetics and the ecological.

Past projects have also been informed by detailed research into the development of machines as forms of human prosthetic and their relation with various theories of control from disciplinary control to informatics and the societies of control. My works utilise methods of fictional writing, appropriation, re-mixing and performance to construct detailed proposals and parallel fictions which are often site specific and identify future relations between technology and ecology and new visions of human and non-human agency.

My current research focuses on the materialities and infrastructures of digital technologies and their relation with the ecological as well as looking at the future of computing technologies including biological and hybrid computing and their potential impact on society. As part of my PhD research I am currently developing a large scale audio work and publication titled ‘Re-writing the overcode’ which vocalises the concerns of the post-human ‘ghosts’ of digital technologies from a location deep below the surface of the world’s largest e-waste site in Guiyu, China.

I am also currently working on a collaborative project with scientist Dr Darren Logan at the Sanger Institute, Genome Campus in Cambridge which is funded by a Wellcome Trust Large Arts Award and curated by Animate Projects. In the project I have been researching the technologies and software used in Dr Logan’s work to sequence human genomes and understand genetically influenced behaviour. As a result I have produced a short film in collaboration with him titled ‘The Signal and the Noise’ which looks at aligning the history of computer coding with human coding and looks towards potential future scenarios of hybrid genetic computing and technologies such as CRISPR gene editing and Optogenetics.

Current Research Interests

-The materiality of media technologies

-Media ecologies, affects and agency

-Non-human agency and its political potential in art


Recent group shows and awards include: Selected VI (2016 video programme touring the UK selected by Jarman award artists), dragged down into lowercase (Sommerakademie) at the Zentrum Paul Klee (2008); Winner of the Galerie Klatovy Klenova prize at the Start Point European Academy Awards (2008); winner of the ECO 09 prize (2009) and Bloomberg New Contemporaries in (2007); The Box Season 5 at Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Wales (2012); The London Open at Whitechapel Gallery (2012); Experimentica at Chapter Arts Centre, Wales (2012); SUB12 at Substation, Melbourne (2013). Recent conferences include: Geologies of Value and Vestige (2013) (Kingston University) and Trans – What? Symposium (Berlin) (2013).

Recent solo shows include: Notes I,II & III at Spike Island, Bristol, Animate Projects and Alma Enterprises, London (2010-11); i am algorithm at Aspex , Portsmouth and Exeter Phoenix (2013); residency programme at Grizedale Arts (2011).

Curating – From 1999 – 2004 I was the co-founder of art collective LAND who then set up Alma Enterprises Gallery where I was Co-Director from 2004 – 2011  (based at 1 Vyner Street, Bethnal Green and 38 Glasshill Street, Southwark). At Alma he co-curated shows and talks by artists including: Brian Catling, Katie Cuddon, Suzanne Treister, Richard Grayson, Rod Dickinson, Jennet Thomas, Paul Tarrago, Roisin Byrne, Neil Hedger, Alex Baggaley, Hayley Newman, Kim Noble, Jem Finer, Thomas Altheimer and others. From 2012 he will be the Co-Curator of a new art residency programme and educational organisation.

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