Art Museums and Digital Cultures Conference

22-23 April 2021

MAAT, Lisbon

I am presenting a paper titled: Fictioning the third space at this international conference.

At a time of greater and ever deeper interest in the impact of information technologies on contemporary society, the International Conference on Art, Museums and Digital Cultures aims to provide a space for the discussion of current issues and projects relating to the crossover between artistic practices and the institutional sphere, with a particular focus on art museums.
The main objective is therefore to discuss the way in which digital technologies have contributed to the creation of new territories and stimulated different innovations in artistic production, curatorial practices and museum spaces. Furthermore, considering that technological systems are also a social and cultural construct, an attempt will be made to investigate the circumstances under which contemporary art and museums have formulated new challenges and paved the way for new scientific developments.
The conference will thus bring together a range of artistic, critical and scientific perspectives, affording visibility to recent or ongoing research works in various countries and cultural contexts.

This conference is a collaboration between the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology and the Institute of Art History, School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, under the scope its Art, Museums and Digital Cultures cluster.

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