Artience Daejeon 17 UK Focus: Silent Signal, Daejeon Artist House, South Korea

Friday 15 September 2017 to Sunday 24 September 2017

The UK has excellence and expertise in the convergence of art and science through years of experience. Wellcome Trust has been contributing to artistic experiments related to medicine and biotechnology, such as the Silent Signal project which will be presented during Artience Daejeon 17, and FACT Liverpool (Foundation of Art and Creative Technology) has been collaborating with artists on the role of digital technology in arts and the community.

As part of the UK/Korea 2017–18, this project aims to create opportunities for the UK’s artists and artistic institutes to collaborate with scientists in Daejeon’s science hub and develop sustainable partnerships in arts and science.

Silent Signal

Silent Signal is a group exhibition of new animated works that explores the science of genetics, cell biology, immunology and epidemiology.

Silent Signal takes you on a journey: starting at the microcosm of the infection-fighting internal landscapes of our cells, through the personal experiences and opinions of individuals and scientists, to the application of the research in the wider world of infectious disease modelling and genome sequencing.

The works raise questions about what our genetic code is, how our immune system functions, how disease is spread, and what the future applications and impact of the research into these areas might be for us all.

Each work is the result of a close collaboration between an artist and a scientist, exploring the similarities and differences in the way they work and the technologies they each use.

    • Date: 15–24 September 2017
    • Venue: Gallery 4, Level 3, Daejeon Artist House
    • Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 09.00–20.00 (Closes on Mondays)
    • Admission free
    • Hosted and organised by: Daejeon Culture and Arts Foundation
    • Sponsored by: Daejeon Metropolitan City, Arts Council Korea


    • Silent Signal comprises:


Afterglow by boredomresearch, in collaboration with Dr Paddy Brock (University of Glasgow)
Sleepless by Ellie Land, in collaboration with Professor Peter Oliver (University of Oxford)
Battle of Blister by Genetic Moo, in collaboration with Dr Neil Dufton (Imperial College London)
Loop by Samantha Moore, in collaboration with Dr Serge Mostowy (Imperial College London)
Immunecraft by Eric Schockmel, in collaboration with Dr Megan MacLeod (University of Glasgow)
The Signal and the Noise by Charlie Tweed, in collaboration with Dr Darren Logan (Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute)

Silent Signal is devised and produced by Animate Projects with scientist Bentley Crudgington, and is supported by a Wellcome Trust Large Arts Award and the Garfield Weston Foundation.

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