Re-writing the overcode: audio work and publication (2016-17)

Re-writing the overcode (2016-17) 45 minute (sound performance installation with video projection)

A sound installation with spectrogram video projection, it channels the swarm-like utterances of various post-human ‘ghosts’ of obsolete and decaying technologies who exist deep within the earth’s strata below the surface in an invisible ‘research space’. The work is part elegy to human machines and their relation to the earth and part exposure device, highlighting the mesh of interrelations between human and non-human actors that go into the production and disposal of man-made machines.

Re-writing the overcode (publication)

This publication will accompany the audio work and consists of a transcript along with a short ‘manifesto’ from the ‘researchers’ and a detailed set of notes that expand upon the audio work and expose the additional layerings of material (fictional, theoretical and appropriated) as well as bringing into view some of the primary strategies used in the practice.


Re-writing the overcode, 45 minute audio work, 2017