Inland Art Festival: The Future Project

The Future Project:  21st-23rd October, 2016

I am showing two video works Oporavak (2016) and Archimeters (2012). The Future Project works as a platform for alternative, possible and impossible, weird and wonderful futures. Working with local residents, artists, academics and musicians, the festival uses architecture, environment, social and cultural references to create a 3 day alternative future around Redruth.

Redruth once held the title of ‘richest square mile in the world’, the monetary wealth has all but gone but it’s still one of the richest towns we know. There is a strong community living with an epic and visible history, surrounded by a striking rural, post-industrial landscape.

This heritage creates the foundation for futuristic expeditions into other worlds, alternate realities and outer space through new commissions, an international open call, curated exhibitions, events and interventions.

The future is both a distant prospect and an immediate reality, simultaneously part of the continuum of everyday events and a place where the most impossible, unattainable and fantastical dreams can exist. The works that form The Future Project, deal with both the possible and the impossible, the desirable and the disastrous; from conversations about childhood, horticulture and growing to space travel, apocalypse and portals to other worlds.

Make sure you explore the town, book onto events, create and speak up. more here