i am algorithm (solo show)

Exeter Phoenix Gallery

Fri 19 Jul 2013 | Ends Sat 31 Aug

I Am Algorithm continues Charlie Tweed’s exploration of the human desire to control and systematise the natural world, and how new technologies have instilled a complex form of social control over populations and materials in both the physical and virtual sphere.

Tweed works largely with appropriated material which is re-filmed and re-contextualised, adding narratives that obscure the film’s original source, location and authorship. It is uncertain whether the places or events depicted occur in the past, present or future, or in some kind of parallel existence.

He exposes the physicality and materiality of the virtual by undermining its invisibility and focusing on the data centres, cabling, codecs and base materials through which it exists.

His films propose escape routes where technical components and ecologies form new assemblages, merging organic materials, noxious gasses and algorithms to become new hybridised agents. By directly addressing the viewer, their complex editing methods and affective techniques, aim to seduce and mesmerize the audience into following in their proposed actions.

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Performance and Artist Talk: Sat 27 July, 2pm, FREE
Charlie Tweed will perform a live iteration of his multimedia artwork The Meadow followed by a discussion about the exhibition and his wider practice.

Screening: Wed 24 July, 8pm, FREE
Adam Curtis: All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace (Part I)