Notes I,II & III (solo show)

Alma Enterprises, London
February 26th – April 3rd 2011

Alma Enterprises in collaboration with Spike Island, Bristol is proud to present Notes I,II & III a solo show by British artist Charlie Tweed.

This exhibition will be Charlie Tweed’s first solo exhibition in London and also the London premier of the entire Notes I,II & III video series which will be presented as a single screen projection. The exhibition will also mark the launch of the Spike Island publication Notes From Here edited by curator Marie-Anne McQuay which expands upon the Notes series.

The seven short videos which make up Notes interrogate complex systems of control that utilise the language of fear in an attempt to logisticise and manage all forms of life.
The ‘voice’ of the videos appears to come from an ever present but anonymous collective who are orchestrating change on a mass scale; their use of the plural is deliberate, implying that ‘we’ must have the same desires as them.

They encourage us to follow their ‘solutions’ one of which involves building shelters on high up platforms and inciting mass flooding (‘We are the Above’). Whilst ‘Navstevnici’, appears to focus on escape, encouraging the viewer to tunnel to “the safety of the sea” and ‘Where We are Now’ calls for the capture of mere birds in order to “store them securely in places where they can operate freely”.

Utilising appropriated digital footage, digital processing techniques and a computerised voice each transmission remains calm and the mesmerising  images and music draws us in to their apparently non-sensical world of action and intervention. Clearly influenced by a contemporary sci-fi sensibility they are difficult to place in terms of time or geographical location but the underlying feeling is that their source of broadcast is from a parallel position within the present moment.

Our compliance with these actions appears to be the only way that we can maintain our safety and prolong our survival. In the final video (‘Zappisale’) there is an underlying, feeling that this desperate situation is referencing our own condition when it says “there are not many routes left for people such as ourselves, this is why we are no one, no thing, non visible, intact”. This final work looks towards the destruction of all networks as the only way forward whilst also breaking down its own image until the screen is left as a single colour.

Curated by Benedict Tomlinson

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