Notes III (2010)


Notes III consists of single transmission called ‘zappisale’ a narrator discusses how “there are not many routes left for people such as ourselves, this is why we are no one, no thing, non visible, intact”.

This final transmission is partly guided by the book ‘The Coming Insurrection’ by the Invisible Committee. It looks at a plan to disrupt networks “without warning” and outlines a plan for destroying, depleting and ‘termiting’ its own make up ‘frame by frame’ until the video image is broken down and over exposed and becomes a simple red colour containing abstract shapes. During the final moments of the work the creators of this video appear to outline their strategy for the production of all the other videos when they say: “do not occupy the territory, become the territory, do not logisticise, un-logisticise, do not write, only re-write, only, re-write”..