Notes II (2009)


In the Notes II video series Tweed continues his exploration of control methodologies by testing the boundaries of control desires and control solutions. The series consists of “video transmissions” that are paranoid dispatches sent from anonymous groups and are part-instructional films and part-manifestos for survival. Made on residency at the Galerie Klatovy Klenova in the Czech Republic the videos make some reference to Czech culture and past history including the plan to construct a tunnel to the Adriatic Sea where the dirt would be utilised to build an island and provide a sea side resort.

In the first transmission ‘navstevnici’ a group discuss their plans to “avoid impact” by tunneling to the “safety of the sea” and preparing their old habitat by releasing “the beetle” and maintaining “an incendiary condition”.

In the second transmission ‘singularity’ – plans for achieving complete technological singularity are discussed. These plans include the locating of “all prion sequences”, pre-empting and error correcting all actions and “nurturing the singularity” utilising DIY surgery.

The final transmission ‘ionosphere’ moves its focus to the sky and harnesses geo-engineering techniques. It proposes a plan of replenishment by adapting the earth’s ionosphere utilising homemade tesla transmitters “to adjust the plasma layer” and “reduce temperatures by up to seventy degrees”.