Notes I, II & III (solo show)

Spike Island, Bristol, UK
October 9th – 28th November 2010

Whilst masquerading as a fiction — reports from a future dystopia transmitted in episodes by a posthuman life force — the world of Charlie Tweed’s ʻNotes’ series, like all dystopias, mirrors the concerns of the present moment; specifically 21st Century systems of control that perpetuate ideologies of fear.

The artist has created the narrative of a shadowy omni-present powerbase who are orchestrating change on a mass scale. Their plans include a worldwide flood (‘We are the above’), and, more mysteriously still, a movement intent on capturing ‘all of the birds’ in order to ‘store them securely in places where they can operate freely’ (‘Where we are now’). The imperative for this apparently urgent yet nonsensical collective action is conveyed by computerised voiceovers. These voices, always addressing ‘us’, the viewer, outline their plans calmly and with authority, accompanied by melancholic music. The continual use of the plural is deliberate, implying that ‘we’ must have the same desires as the anonymous collective who speak to and for us. Compliance with these urgent actions also appears to be the only way that we can maintain our safety, albeit at the cost of everything we know.

This exhibition is the first major UK solo show in a public gallery by British artist Charlie Tweed and the first occasion when all three installments of the ‘Notes’ series will be shown together in one space. The videos will be projected in a continuous sequence across the interior of Gallery Two, whilst Animate Projects, in association with Artsway, present a simultaneous on-line exhibition of the complete ‘Notes’ series. This on-line exhibition will be accompanied by an interview with the artist and a new essay on Tweed’s work ‘Transmission’ by Spike Island Curator Marie-Anne McQuay.

‘Notes Part I’ (2008) — 08:00mins
‘We are the above’
‘Where we are now’
‘We must undo’
‘Notes Part II’ (2009) — 08:10mins
‘Notes Part III’ (2010) — 03:50mins

‘Notes Part I, II & III’ is presented in partnership with Animate Projects and Artsway. With thanks also to Curator Pavel Vancat and Galerie Klatovy Klenová, Czech Republic for commissioning ‘Notes II’.

This exhibition is presented in association with Animate Projects and Artsway. With thanks also to Curator and Writer Pavel Vancat and Galerie Klatovy Klenova, Czech Republic for commissioning Notes II.

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