Notes I (2008)


In ‘Notes Part I’ a series of video transmissions have been created using appropriated digital material and have been catalogued in an archive concerned with contemporary plans for new extreme forms of community and control over the environment.

These ‘transmissions’ appear to document a series of actions orchestrated by swarm like groups on a mass scale. These groups appear to be driven by extreme notions of existensial risk and a motivation for pure survival beyond all else.

In the first video ‘We are the above’ (2008) an unknown group (‘the above’) outline their plans to appropriate high platforms and then activate a plan for mass flooding. The ‘above’ embrace the notion of flooding and have followers who are prepared to take whatever action is neccessary to ‘bring the water’. In: ‘Where we are now’ a group outlines plans to capture all birds “and store them securely in places where they can operate freely”. And in the final video ‘We must undo’ a group communicate a plan to orchestrate a mass re-wilding.