Man From Below (07-08)


Man From Below TV – consists of a three part video series that features the Man From Below. The videos document his plans to build a safe underground community in the Thames Gateway “away from all the unknown global warmup dangers on the surface”. He also outlines his plans for repurposing the surface “back to how it was in olden times, when things were simple, when people were simple, when it was all OK”. This includes a plan for removing certain buildings such as the Excel exhibition centre and London’s City Airport. The Man From Below’s plans for change are not entirely absurd and there is some sense to his child-like drawings and understanding of the past history of the area which is mainly informed by his obsessive reading of ‘Great Expectations’ by Charles Dickens.


This project has also included a series of live performances where the Man From Below has travelled to different locations and devised plans for building safe underground communities and re-imagining the surface. This has included a residency in the town of Trollhattan in Sweden, the Whitstable Biennale (2008) and dragged down into lowercase an exhibition and residency at Zentrum Paul Klee, Switzerland in 2008.

dragged down into lowercase