Let’s Start Again (05-06)


The Lets Start Again project features Sirus Manzill, a man that leaves his old life behind to move to the safer habitat of Epping Forest, Essex. However the forest turns out to be alot more dangerous than Manzill could ever have imagined.

After an ‘incident’ his darkest suspicions are realised. Soon he discovers that every animal in the wood is “filled to the brim with all manner of surveillance devices”.

Thus Manzill begins a one man campaign to deal with the problematic and untrustworthy nature. He removes all of the animals he can and replaces them with safer ones that he makes himself from household waste. Then Manzill leaves the forest in his boat and heads out onto the Regents Canal and along the River Lee in order to tell the world what is going on with the nature and get them all to start again.

This project consisted of a video and a series of performances including a performative lecture at the Edinburgh Festival and the Etcetera Theatre London in 2005. It was also part of the Coniston Water Festival (Grizedale Arts) in 2005 – where Manzill camped beside the lake and created a proposal for a safer community away from all the surrounding nature of the Lake District. He also broadcast his radio show on Brick FM which was a radio station set up by Grizedale Arts for the festival.

Coniston Water Festival: www.conistonwaterfestival.info/art.htm

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